Ease Tension with our Therapeutic Spa Wraps!

We are proud to exclusively offer "Natural Therapeutic Spa Wraps".

Our spa-quality Therapeutic Wraps are organic, machine washable, and hand-made. Use hot or cold to ease muscle soreness, arthritis pain, migraine pain, sinus pressure, or simply aid in relaxation. They contain researched organic ingredients that hold heat/cold effectively, providing deep penetrating, long-lasting comfort naturally!

Each Therapeutic Wrap is crafted with a durable, tightly woven 100% cotton, with a zippered end to allow for customization (fragrance, essential oils, herbs), and includes one removable machine washable flannel cloth cover.

Additional covers are available for purchase for more consistent use such as a clinical spa setting. This allows an effective way to sanitize each Therapeutic Wrap, promoting safety for your clients.

Please contact us for special order information, or quantity prices.

Spa Quality Wraps
Removable Covers
Regular price: $9.00
Sale price: $9.00, 2/$15.00
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