The Anchient Art of Raku and Pit Fire

Raku is a 400 year old clay firing tecnique that origionated in the Japanese Tea Ceremonies. The vessel is placed in a preheated kiln and the temperature is increased until the glowing art is removed. With the glaze still molten, the pot is smothered in various organic materials which have different and dramatic effects. Water is applied to produce the crackle effect and the brilliant metalic luster which captures the magical beauty of the rainbow.

Pit Fire is a method used by ancient people to harden clay for use. Handmade, unpainted pottery is laid in a pit dug in the earth and then covered with wood, brush and other organic materials that burn hot and slow. The wonderful colors and patterns are the natural effects of the burning. Each piece is a unique and spectacular work of art.

Raku and Pit Fire Pottery are decorative pieces that are not food safe.

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